1107 Vademecum Store

1107 Vademecum Store

1107 Vademecum 2017

The 4th edition of the 1107 Vademecum is available now.

Still as compact as before, but again more comprehensive, the 2017 edition of the Vademecum will become your indispensable reference document.

With detailed descriptions of the approval and renewal processes for active substances, the up-to-date status of all review working programmes (AIR 2, 3 & 4), overviews and descriptions of technical, procedural and residues guidance documents, and the status quo of all approved and pending substances, the Vademecum will guide you through the entire life-cycle of every substance.

Regulation 1107/2009

The 2017 edition of the Vademecum contains as always the complete text of the Regulation, updated with references to all new and updated Guidance Documents, with editorial notes, and with the latest versions of draft changes to the text: endocrine disruptor criteria, low risk criteria, the upcoming amendments from the Fertiliser Regulation, and the changes (and related text) of the Official Controls Regulation. With the Vademecum at hand, you will be able to follow every discussion and publication on amendments of the Regulation.

The tables that guide you through the labyrinth of Guidance Documents and Working Documents are fully updated, and the substance table has further expanded with information on public consultations, allowing you to make informed assessments on the progress of your substances through the renewal process. You will now also find microbial substances (approved and pending) in the table, and you can see in one glance in which zones and countries substances are authorised, or pending their first authorisation.


Looking ahead at the upcoming discussions on the revision of Regulation 1107/2009 and the Residues Regulation (396/2005), the Vademecum offers the complete consolidated text of the Residues Regulation, and information on all Residue Guidance Documents.


With renewals taking up the largest part of the regulatory agenda, the Vademecum now includes the integral text of the two major reference documents: the Renewal Regulation (844/2012), and the Guidance Document on the renewal of authorisations (Art. 43 Guidance).


You can now order the 1107 Vademecum 2017 for yourself and your team. For €18.40 (ex. VAT), you will save many hours of searching for information!

Submit the completed order form, and your Vademecum will be on its way within 2 working days.


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